Holstein Milk Stout

Nose of cacao, coffee and dark fruit, this beer pours a beautiful dark brown with a creamy biscotti coloured head. With notes of raisin, chocolate, biscuit this is a stout lover’s stout, the bitterness is balanced out by the addition of lactose, which helps it finish cleanly with a lingering of vanilla on the palate.

ABV 4.4%  

Time crunch IPA

Hoppy nose, ivory head, light copper, citra whole leaf, mosaic, magnum and Simcoe hops, bitterness from the magnum, dry hopped with citra and simcoe, fairly hefty body, this west coast IPA packs a punch at 6.6% with notes of lemon, grapefruit.

ABV 6.6%

Lavender Saison (Seasonal)

Floral and spicy nose, this seasonal wonder pours a pale lemon, with a bright white head. The floral continues through onto the pallet with the beautiful presence of lavender up front, slowly morphing into a spicy, funk from the Belgian saison yeast. Finishes clean, crisp, and very light bodied, this beer is perfect thing to straddle the tempestuous transition from winter to spring. 

ABV 5.5%

Walter’s WITBIER

This light delight pours a vibrant straw color with a clean white head. Hints of citrus, honey and chamomile are on the nose which merge perfectly to the orangey citrus, spicy coriander flavors that are up front. With a light body, and a very effervescent mouthfeel this beer has a slight bitterness which leads through into a wheat finish. A perfect patio beer. 

 ABV 4.8%

Czech Pilsner

A hazy pale gold, this traditional bohemian pilsner pours clean with a bright white head. Slight tart lemon notes run into a more traditional grassy spice from the Saaz hops, this beer is light, effervescent and perfect for increasingly warmer weather. 

ABV 4.9%


Beer pours a beautiful clear pale amber with a very malt forward nose, creamy malt is at the forefront which balances out into a pronounced hop bitterness, a very clean and quaffable beer. 

ABV 4.8%


Beer pours a hazy mahogany with a vanilla coloured creamy head, subtle clean nose and a hint of maltiness, no hop aroma whatsoever. Initial flavours of toffee and caramel ending with a creamy biscuit finish. Low alcohol and a clean finish leads to a beer that is eminently quaffable.

ABV 4.4%

In The Vats

Past Brews

Kolin + The Giant Peach

 With notes of tart peach on the nose this hazy golden ale pours with a delicate off white head. Initial flavours of fresh orchard peach mingle with a generous dose of centennial and Simcoe give this beer a punch of bright bitterness which leads into the creamy sweetness added from the lactose. Finishes clean with a lingering feeling you just took a bite of a fresh peach.

 ABV 5.5%


Nice bready aromas, a hazy straw color. A generous dose of wheat malt give this beer a nice light body, easy hopping lends it a citrusy quality. This beer is designed to be enjoyed cold, and plenty!

 ABV 4.4%