Product lineup changes constantly and availability is ever changing. We always strive to have your favourites on tap, but if we don't have what you want at the moment, it just means you can try something new! Please call the restaurant for available options or hunt through liquor stores for hard to find products! 



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Neon Cowgirl Pina Colada Milkshake IPA

Our International Women’s Day Brew for 2020 was the brainchild of all our awesome women, who, without them, everyday would be an absolute train wreck of indecision, un-productivity and listlessness. What more really needs to be said about this beer: fresh coconut, pineapple and a generous hopping, add in some lactose for balance and BOOM! You are transported instantly to a hotel somewhere tropical, poolside, shades on, the rumba music from the nearby aquasize class blaring. 5.0% ABV