Product lineup changes constantly and availability is ever changing. We always strive to have your favourites on tap, but if we don't have what you want at the moment, it just means you can try something new! Please call the restaurant for available options or hunt through liquor stores for hard to find products! 



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Dem Bones Brut Double IPA

Ever wondered what would happen if you took a world class chardonnay, dry hopped it, and carbonated it? No? Neither have we, however that’s basically how this one off turned out. Feeling playful, we wanted to test just how dry we could get a beer, and the result was amazing (if we do say so ourselves). Dry, fruitiness on the nose, lemon and custard on the palate and an absolute bone dry body with a sneaky high ABV. This beer is as refreshing as it is complex, quite the feat. 7.9% ABV